How many times has someone rolled their eyes at the mention of giving a child a Pagan name and said, "Oh the poor thing, why can't you give it a normal name? It'll be teased if you give it a Pagan name!"

The truth is, there are TONS of "normal" names for boys and girls whose meanings and history fit just as well in a Pagan or magical household as in a public school classroom. Here is just a sampling. Choose one of these and you can be rest assured that your kid will be teased for something other than having a strange name.

This isn't to imply that you shouldn't choose a unique name for your child, but for those of us who prefer to blend in; I just want you to know that there are options.

Allen Alice Aiden
Alexander Alison Ava
Anthony Alexis Ariana
Arthur Alyssa Cynthia
Andrew Aileen Crystal
Avery Ashley Amber
Brandon Braden Cornell
Brian Brianna Connor
Chase Bridget Caroline
Cameron Chloe Carl
Charles Dawn Clair
Connor Denise Hazel
Daren Diana Douglas
Dennis Dylan Ella
Gavin Emily Garrett
George Grace Harper
Jason Heather Julia
Julian Helen Justin
Kevin Holly Hunter
Logan Irene Lucas
Marc Jasmine Lilly
Nicholas Jennifer Mia
Oliver Lindsey Lauren
Owen Melissa Linda
Peter Nichole Mason
Phillip Olivia Madison
Riley Tara Parker
Robert Robin Hailey
Ryan Rose Skylar
Theodore Sophia Selena
Todd Jasmine Sylvia
Walter Violet Vincent
William Victoria Wyatt

And many, many more…

More information about all of these names can be accessed by following the links to their individual information pages.

If you wish to discuss any of these names individually or have more information about a name, please access the name's page by following its link and use the comment feature there.