Celtic Names

Adaryn -This is a Welsh name meaning "bird"

Adele -A Germanic name meaning "noble".

Adlar -Adlar is a Germanic name meaning eagle.

Aednat -Aednat is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "fire". It is a female variant of Aiden

Aeron -Aeron is a Welsh Goddess of War. Her name was derived from the British Goddess of Slaughter Agrona. The name Aeron means "battle ending" or "carnage". Alternative interpretations say the name may mean "berry". This name can be used for a boy or a girl.

Aerona -A variant of Aeron, a Welsh War deity whose name was derived from the British Goddess of Slaughter Agrona. It means "battle ending".

Aeronwen -Aeronwen is a Welsh girl's name that may have derived from the Goddess of War Aeron in which case we may surmise the meaning to be something like "blessed battle ender" or simply "blessed of Aeron or Agrona". Alternatively, the name may be derived from the Welsh words meaning "fair/white" or "blessed" and "berry".

Aeslin -Aislin is an Irish name meaning "vision" or a "dream". The name refers to a type of visionary poem the aisling, developed around the 17th or 18th century that was often used for political commentary.

Afallon -Afallon is a Welsh boy's name related to the mythical Isle of Avalon, basically just a less Latinized spelling of the word. It means "apple tree".

Agrona -Agrona is an old Celtic name meaning "battle, slaughter". It was the name of the Brythonic Goddess of war and death.

Aibhlinn -Aibhlinn is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "wished for child" or "longed for child"

Aife -Aife is a Celtic name meaning "beauty". It was the name of a great warrior woman of Irish Mythology. She appears in the Ulster Cycle in the tales The Wooing of Emer and The Death of the Son of Aife in which she bears the son of the great Irish hero CĂș Chulainn after nearly defeating him in a battle he finally won by trickery.

Ail -Ail is a boy's name of Scottish origin. It means from the stony place or rock.

Aileen -Aileen is a Scottish name meaning "Pleasant" "light".

Ailidh -Ailidh is a girl's name of Irish/Celtic origin meaning "kind".

Ailill -The name Ailill appears frequently in Celtic lore. It was the name of the husband of Queen Meabh. The name is derived from the Irish ailleacht meaning beauty

Ailsa -Ailsa is a girl's name of Nordic origin referring to a location in Scotland called "Ailsa Craig" meaning "fairy rock". Of course said rock has had many names, including A' Chreag "The rock" and Ealasaid a' Chuain "Elizabeth of the Ocean". This location is famous for providing excellent granite for making curling stones.

Aine -Aine is a name mentioned often in Irish legend. It means "splendor, radiance, brilliance".

Aislin -Aislin is a Gaelic name meaning "dream" or "vision". A style of poetry.

Aithne -Aithne is a girl's name of Gaelic origin. Aithne may mean "little fire" as a feminine for of Aiden or it may be a variant of Eithne meaning "kernel"

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