Celtic Names

Alfred -Alfred is an Old English name that means "Elf council"

Allen -A Gaelic name meaning "rock" or precious stone

Alroy -Alroy is an Irish boy's name derived from rua "red".

Andraste -Boudicca invoked the Goddess Andraste before her revolt against Rome. The name means "invincible".

Aneira -Aneira is a name of Welsh origin meaning "snow".

Angus -Gaelic meaning "One Choice". Various additional translations include "excellent" and "strength and vigor". The name recalls the handsome Anghus Mac Og of Celtic folklore.

Aoibheann -Aoibheann is a woman's name of Irish origin meaning "pleasant" "with a beautiful sheen" or "radiant beauty".

Aoife -Aoife is a popular Irish girl's name and the greatest female warrior in Irish folklore. The name means "beautiful, radiant, joyful".

Aranwen -Aranwen is a Welsh name meaning "blessed silver".

Arian -Arian is a boy's name of Welsh origin meaning "silver".

Arianrhod -Arianrhod is the mother of Llew and sister of Gwydion of Welsh lore. The name means "silver circle" or "silver wheel" and the Welsh name for the Corona Borealis is "Caer Arianrhod" or Castle of Arianhrod.

Arthur -Arthur is a name from British legend. It means bear, or possibly stone.

Arwen -Arwen is a Welsh name meaning "fair" or "fine".
It was also the name of a character in J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings.

Ashley -The name Ashley is of Old English origin and means "Ash wood". It was originally a male name, but now both boys and girls wear it.

Audrey -Audrey is a name of Old English origin meaning "Noble Strength".

Auraleigh -Auraleigh is a girl's name created from the combination of the Greek Aura meaning "wind" and the English Leigh, meaning meadow.

Avalon -Avalon is a name that can be used for a boy or a girl. It is the name of a legendary place from Celtic lore. The word means "Island of apple trees".

Aveline -Aveline is a name of Norman French origin. It means "little bird" or perhaps "desired".

Avery -Avery is a name of both French and English origin. It means "Elf council".

Avon -Avon is the name of a river in England. This name is usually a boy's name but has been used for girls as well.

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