Celtic Names

Brodie -Brodie is a Scottish name that is usually a surname that can be used as boy's name. It may be of either Gaelic or Pictish origin. It refers to a location and a clan and its true meaning is a mystery. Various suggestions include- brow or overhanging ridge, ditch, mire, muddy place, a level piece of land, a point or spot, or even "brother." Or it may have originated from one of many Pictish kings named Bridei or Bruide, meaning unknown.

Bronwyn -The name Bronwyn is of Welsh origin and it means "white breast".

Bryn -Bryn is a name of Welsh origin that may be used for a girl or a boy. It means "hill" or "mound".

Cabhan -Cabhan is a man's name of Irish origin meaning "grassy hill" or "hollow".

Caelan -Caelan is a Gaelic name meaning "slender".

Cailean -Cailean is a Scottish name meaning "pup" or "whelp"… a baby dog. It is related to the name Colin. It is a boy's name but it could be used for a girl as well.

Caireann -Caireann is a girl's name of Irish origin, the name of a legendary ancestor of the High Kings of Ireland. The name means "little friend" or "little love"

Calder -Calder is a name of Scottish origin that is usually found as a surname but can be used as a given name for a boy. It means "stream". Like running water over a path. Or perhaps "cold water"

Calhoun -Calhoun is a Gaelic surname that can be used as a boy's first name. It means "from the narrow wood".

Cameron -Cameron is a Scottish name from the Gaelic cam sron meaning "crooked nose". Someone who has a crooked nose is probably a fighter.

Campbell -Campbell is a Scottish name most often seen as a surname though it can be used as a boy's first name. It means "crooked mouth". From the name Cathmhaoil. I believe the deeper meaning is something along the lines of "smart mouth" or "wise ass".

Caoimhe -Caoime is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "gentle, beautiful, precious" and is similar to the name Kevin.

Cara -The girl's name Cara comes from Irish Gaelic meaning "friend".

Carlyn -The name Carlyn is a girl's name that may derive for the Gaelic Carollan or from the name Scandinavian Carl.

Carollan -Carollan is an Irish Gaelic boy's name meaning "little champion". It can also be used for a girl.

Carrick -Carrick is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "a rock".

Cathan -Cathán is Gaelic name that can be used for a boy or a girl. It contains the element cath referring to battle. The name meaning is something like "little battler".
It is also the name of a 6th century Irish monk who became a Saint and had some churches dedicated to him in Scotland.

Céilidh -Cailidh is a Scottish Gaelic term referring to a dance where Scottish and Irish music are played (The Irish spelling is céilí). This term derived from the Old Irish céle, meaning "companion". This word can be used as a name for a girl.

Ceridwen -The name Ceridwen is a female name of Welsh origin. She was the mother of the bard Taliesin in welsh lore. The name Ceridwen means "blessed song".

Cian -Cian is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "ancient and enduring".

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