The Anglo-Saxon language is the earliest recorded form of the English language, also called Old English, ├ćnglisc, Anglisc, or Englisc. It developed in Great Britain after absorbing the languages and traditions Germanic invaders and settlers from the costs of Frisia, Lower Saxony and Jutland around the 5th Century and replaced Common Brittonic and Latin commonly spoken in England and parts of Scotland prior to this era. It is considered a Germanic language and bears similarity to Old Norse and modern German. Norman invasion in the 11th century influenced the language enough to end this linguistic period and gave rise to Middle English. Old English was occasionally written using runes, but Anglo Saxon literature was usually written using the Latin alphabet.

Alphabetical List of Anglo-Saxon Names

Algar, AL gar, Male, 3

Thorley, THAWR-lee, Neutral, 4

Slade, slayd, Male, 5

Acca, AH kah, Male, 8