Note: I have some reservations about using Asian names for a list for modern Pagans because lumping ancient Eastern religions in with Western reconstructionism doesn't feel right to me. However, many of these names relate to Nature and many Eastern practices have been incorporated into Western practices. Also, not all practitioners of Western Paganism are people of European descent, even if their religion is. So, here is that list…


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Alphabetical Listing of All Asian Names

Koto, KOH toh, Neutral, 7

Kotori, KO to ree, Neutral, 7

Mitsuaki, Mee TSOO ah kee, Neutral, 4

Sakura, SAH koo rah, Female, 8

Sashi, sha shee, Neutral, 2

Shiva, SHEE vah, Male, 5

Sora, SOAR ah, Neutral, 8

Suzume, SOO zoo meh, Female, 6

Tiger, TY gur, Male, 5

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