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An Alphabetical List of Masculine Pagan Names from Europe

Abhainn, AH vhen (4)

The name Abhainn is a Scottish name meaning "river". It is descended from the Proto-Indo-European word for water.

Acca, AH kah (8)

The name Acca can also be traced to the Anglo-Saxon word for oak. Here it is usually a boy's name.

Adalwulf, AH dahl vulf (8)

Old German name meaning noble wolf. Perhaps something like Wolf King.

I have also seen this listed as meaning "eagle", but I don't know where that comes from. Adal is used in many names to indicate nobility and "wulf" is pretty clear.

Adaon, (8)

As a variant of the name Étaín, the name Adaon would mean "passion" or "jealousy".

Adaon is the name of a character in Lloyd Alexander's book The Black Cauldron, from the series The Chronicles of Prydain. He is a bard and son of the bard Taliesin.

Adlar, AD ler (9)

The name Adlar is from the German word adler, meaning "eagle".

Adolph, ai DOLF (2)

Adolph is a German name meaning "noble wolf"

The elements adal and wulf are represented in this name.

This is a name with a lot of unpleasant baggage accumulated during WWII.

Adonis, ah DON is (8)

Adonis is a male name of Greek origin. It is the name of a lover of Aphrodite and the most beautiful man in the world. Persephone also loved him and he spent part of the year with Her in the underworld and part of the year with Aphrodite. The name means "lord".

Aed, AYD (1)

There are quite a few Irish kings in heroes in both history and mythology with the name Aed or Aodh. It means "fire".

Aeneas, i-NAY-əs (9)

Aeneas was a hero of the Trojan war who, according to the poet Virgil, traveled to Italy to found what would later be Rome. He was said to be the son of Aphrodite. The name comes from the Greek aine, meaning "praise".

Aeolus, ee O lus (1)

Aeolus is the Greek father of the Winds. It means "quick-moving" or "nimble".

Aesir, AY zir (7)

The Æsir is the principle race of Gods in Norse mythology It is a plural word, áss being the sigular. (or ǫ́ss, ás) feminine ásynja, feminine plural ásynjur. The word comes, perhaps, from the Proto-Indo-European *h₂énsus, something like "life force".

Aghi, AH gee (7)

The name Aghi is from old Norse ag, meaning "the edge of a sword" or agi meaning "terror".

Aiden, AY den (6)

Aiden is an Irish name meaning "fire"

Ail, UH yl (4)

Ail is a boy's name of Scottish origin. It means from the stony place or rock.

Ailill, AY lil or all yill (1)

The name Ailill appears frequently in Celtic lore. It was the name of the husband of Queen Meabh. The name is derived from the Irish ailleacht meaning beauty

Alberic, AL beh rik (5)

Alberich is the name of a sorcerer king in Germanic lore and as a dwarf in Nibelungenlied. The name is a combination of the words for "elf" and "power".

Aldo, ALL doe (5)

Aldo is a man's name of Germanic origin meaning "old man" or "elder".

Aleron, al ER on (7)

Aleron is a French name meaning "little winged one", from the Latin element ala meaning wing, and the French aile meaning the same.

Alf, alf (1)

Alf was the name of a king of Norse legend who was rejected by the maiden he loved. She was so determined to avoid the marriage that she disguised herself as a warrior and went off to war. The name means "elf".

Alfred, AL fred (1)

Alfred is an Old English name that means "Elf council"

Famous Alfreds include Alfred the Great, an Anglo-Saxon King, Alfred Tennyson, Alfred Hitchcock, Alfred Kinsey, Alfred Wegener, Alfred Nobel and of course Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred in the Batman franchise.

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