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An Alphabetical List of Boys' from Mythology and Folklore

Narcissus, nar SIS us, 6

Ziven, ZEE ven, 4

Persephone, per SEH fuh nee, 4

Aeolous, ee O lus, 7

Ananse, ah nahn see, 9

Loki, low key, 2

Tyrell, TUR ell or TYE rell, 2

Tyr, teer, 9

Troy, troi, 6

Torolf, TAOR-olf, 5

Evander, ee VAN der, 6

Justin, JUSS tin, 3

Cornell, cor NELL, 7

Braden, bray din, 8

Einherjar, AYN har yar, 7

Drake, drayk, 3

Draco, DRAY koe, 5

Dionysus, die oh NY sus, 9

Dennis, den niss, 2

Cornelius, kor NEEL yus, 8

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