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An Alphabetical List of Boys' from Mythology and Folklore

Perseus, PUR see uhs, 4

Pentheus, PEN thee us, 9

Palaemon, puh LEE mun, 5

Orion, oh RYE un OR OAR ee un (in Michigan), 8

Orestes, OWR est eez, 2

Oliver, AHL uh vur, 9

Oisin, Osh een, 3

Odin, OH din, 6

Nestor, NESS tor, 1

Morpheus, MOOR fee us, 5

Morpheus, MOOR fee us, 5

Mentor, MEN tore, 4

Marcus, MAR-kus, 3

Marcel, mar SELL, 7

Marc, mark, 8

Leander, lee AN der, 5

Jason, JAY sun, 5

Jason, JAY sun, 5

Isidoros, ee see DOR os, 9

Isfet, ISS fet, 5