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Alphabetical Listing of All Celtic Names

Ailill, AY lil or all yill, Male, 1

Ailsa, AYL suh, Female, 6

Aine, AWN ya, Female, 2

Aislin, ASH lin, Neutral, 1

Alana, ah-LAH-nah, Female, 2

Allen, AL-en, Male, 8

Alroy, AHL roy, Male, 8

Angus, ANG guss, Neutral, 8

Aoibheann, EVE een, Female, 6

Aoife, ee FEH, Female, 9

Ardan, are dawn, Neutral, 2

Arthur, AHR thur, Male, 5

Baird, BAYRD, Male, 7

Bairn, BAYRN, Neutral, 8

Beagan, BE gan, Neutral, 3

Beatha, BEH tha, Female, 1

Blaine, blayn, Neutral, 6

Blair, blayr, Neutral, 6

Bradan, bray dawn, Male, 4

Braden, bray din, Male, 8