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Alphabetical Listing of All Celtic Names

Bram, brahm, Male, 7

Bran, bran, Male, 8

Branwen, BRON wen, Female, 5

Brendan, BREN don, Male, 4

Brenna, BREN ah, Female, 9

Brennan, BREN nun, Male, 5

Brian, BRY un, Male, 8

Brianna, bree ANN ah or bree AH nah, Female, 5

Bronwyn, BROHN wen, Female, 8

Bryn, brin, Neutral, 5

Cabhan, kav an, Male, 2

Caelan, KAY lahn or KEE lan, Male, 9

Cailean, KA len or KAY len, Neutral, 9

Caireann, CARE en, Female, 2

Cameron, KAM run, Neutral, 6

Campbell, camml or CAM bull, Male, 1

Caoimhe, KEE veh, Female, 9

Cara, car ah, Female, 5

Carrick, KARE-ik, Male, 9

Cathan, CA thin, Male, 2