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Alphabetical Listing of All Celtic Names

CĂ©ilidh, KAY lee, Female, 5

Ceridwen, keh RID wen, Female, 9

Cian, key in, Male, 9

Ciaran, keer awn or keer in, Male, 1

Cliona, KLEE own-ah (<best) or KLEE nah, Female, 9

Colin, KOH lin, Male, 8

Conall, kon ahl, Male, 3

Conan, KOH nan, Male, 2

Connor, KAHN ur, Male, 7

Cormac, KOR mac, Male, 8

Cory, KOR ee, Neutral, 7

Craig, krayg, Male, 2

Crevan, CREH van, Male, 9

Cullen, KULL en, Male, 4

Cymbaline, CIM be leen, Neutral, 3

Daire, die reh, Neutral, 1

Daireann, dar awn, Female, 3

Daren, DAYR en, Male, 6

Davin, DAV in, Male, 5

Deirdre, DEER dreh, Female, 9