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Alphabetical Listing of All Celtic Names

Donal, DON al, Male, 1

Dorcha, dorch ah (Pronounce the CH as in Loch), Female, 4

Dougal, DOO gal, Male, 6

Douglas, DUG luss, Male, 7

Duncan, DUN-kin, Male, 3

Dwyer, DWY ur, Male, 3

Dylan, DIL in, Neutral, 2

√Čadaoin, AY deen, Female, 4

Eavan, EE van, Female, 2

Eileen, eye-LEEN, Female, 5

Eilidh, AY-lee, Female, 2

Eira, AYE rah or EYE rah, Female, 6

Eirwen, AYR wen, Female, 1

Eithne, En ya, Female, 7

Emer, EE mer, Female, 5

Enfys, EN viss, Male, 6

Enya, EN yeh, Female, 9

Epona, eh PO nah, Female, 6

Etaine, EH tane, Female, 9

Ewan, YOO an, Male, 7