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Alphabetical Listing of All Celtic Names

Murtagh, mur tah, Neutral, 7

Myrna, MUR neh, Female, 8

Neala, Nee lah, Female, 6

Neave, NEEV, Neutral, 2

Neil, neel, Male, 4

Niall, nye al, Male, 3

Niamh, neev, Female, 9

Oisin, Osh een, Male, 3

Oonagh, ou na, Female, 6

Oran, OR en, Male, 3

Orin, OR in, Male, 2

Orla, OR lah, Neutral, 1

Orlaith, or la, Female, 2

Owain, OH why yen, Male, 8

Owen, OH wen, Male, 3

Pixie, PIK see, Female, 9

Rhianna, ree AN ah, Female, 2

Rhiannon, ree AN un, Female, 3

Rhosyn, RHOS- inn, Female, 0

Rogan, RO gin, Male, 1