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Alphabetical Listing of All Celtic Names

Ronan, RO nin, Male, 8

Rowan, ROE in, Neutral, 8

Ruari, Ro ree, Neutral, 4

Ryan, RYE an, Neutral, 4

Seanan, SHAN-awn or SHAY nahn, Neutral, 9

Seren, SEH ren, Neutral, 7

Shannon, SHAN nun, Neutral, 4

Sorcha, SURRA kha, SOR ka, SIR ka, Female, 1

Taliesin, tal-ee-ES-in (<- most correct) or tahl ye sin or tal EYE ih sin, Male, 8

Tara, TAR ah, Female, 4

Teagan, TEE gan, Neutral, 3

Una, OO nah, Female, 9

Vaughn, VAWN, Male, 1

Vernal, VER nal, Neutral, 9

Vernon, VER non, Male, 7

Yorath, YAW rath, Male, 6

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