You may wish to name your child based on the circumstances of his or her birth, or perhaps name yourself based on the circumstances of your re-birth. Whether the person in question was born on a Tuesday, in the middle of storm or almost didn't make it, we invite you to peruse this list and see if you can find your circumstance among our collection of names.

Alphabetical Listing of Names that Reflect a Circumstance

Abejide, ab beh JEE deh, Male, born during winter birth

Abena, ah BEE nah or AHB nah, Female, Tuesday birth

Abeni, ah beh NEE, Female, wished for, prayed for daughter

Abequa, AH be KWAY, Female, stays at home

Abidemi, ah bee DEH mee, Neutral, absent father, birth in father's absence

Aibhlinn, AYV leen, Female, wish wished_for longed_for wished