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An Alphabetical List of Masculine Pagan Names from Europe

Aderyn, ad EH rin (4)

Aderyn is the Welsh word for "bird", not a name in its native tongue.

Aednat, AY nit (9)

Aednat is an Irish name meaning "little fire".

Aemilia, ay MILL ee ah (5)

Aemilia is a Latin name from aemulus, meaning "to rival".

Aemilia is the name of a character in Shakespeare's "A Comedy of Errors"

Aemilia is a genus of moths.

Aeron, AYR on (8)

Aeron is a Welsh Goddess of War. Her name was derived from the British Goddess of Slaughter Agrona. The name Aeron means "battle ending" or "carnage". Alternative interpretations say the name may mean "berry". This name can be used for a boy or a girl.

Aeron is also the name of of a river in Wales.

Aeschere, ash hair uh (1)

Æschere is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning something like "Army of Ash(tree)".from the elements Æsc /ash/ and here, /army/.

Æschere is the name of a wise man or seer in the epic tale of Beowulf. He is killed by the Grendel's mother.

Aeslin, ASH lin (6)

Aislin is an Irish name meaning "vision" or a "dream". The name refers to a type of visionary poem the aisling, developed around the 17th or 18th century that was often used for political commentary.

Afallon, ah VAH hlon (7)

Afallon is a Welsh boy's name related to the mythical Isle of Avalon. It means "apple tree".

Aiko, EYE koe (9)

Aiko is a name that occurs in Scandinavia and in Japan.

As a Japanese name, the meaning of the name changes based upon the Kanji symbols used to represent the name. Aiko can be written several different ways including 愛子 — Love and child, 葵子 — Hollyhock and child, 藍子 — tinctoria (indigo, blue dye) child. 愛幸 — Love and luck/fortune. In Japan, Aiko is a girl's name.

In Scandinavia and Germany, the name Aiko is a boy's name and a variation of the name Ekke or Eike, meaning "blade".

Aislin, ASH lin (1)

Aislin is an Irish Gaelic name meaning "dream" or "vision". A style of poetry.

Angus, ANG guss (8)

Gaelic meaning "One Choice". Various additional translations include "excellent" and "strength and vigor". The name recalls the handsome Aonghus Mac Og of Irish folklore.

Ashley, ASH lee (7)

The name Ashley is of Old English origin and means "Clearing in the Ash wood". It was originally a male name, but now both boys and girls wear it.

Avery, AY vuh ree or AY vree (8)

Avery is a name of French and English origin. It means "Elf council".

Awen, ah wen (7)

Awen is the Welsh and Cornish word for poetic inspiration, that inspiration from which prophecy flows. It is derived from the Indo-European root *-uel, meaning "to blow" from which also the Welsh word awel, meaning "breeze".

Bairn, BAYRN (8)

Bairn is a Scottish term meaning "child".

Beagan, BE gan (3)

Beagan is a Scottish name meaning "little" or "few". It is generally used as a boy's name, but could work for a girl as well.

Blaine, blayn (6)

Blaine is a girl's name of Gaelic origin. It means "yellow".

Blair, blayr (6)

Blair is an English name derived from the Scottish Gaelic blàr meaning "field" or "plain". Blair is a boy's name that is often used for girls in modern times.

Briar, BRY ur (3)

The name Briar is from the English language referencing a thorny shrub. In common language it generally refers to either Heather or the wild Rose, and also cane fruit, like blackberry or raspberry.

Bryn, brin (5)

Bryn is a name of Welsh origin. It is a boy's name but is used for both genders today. It means "hill" or "mound".

Cailean, KA len or KAY len (9)

Cailean is a Scottish name meaning "pup" or "whelp"…i.e. a baby dog. It is related to the name Colin. It is a boy's name but it could be used for girls often enough for me to put it in the gender neutral category.

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