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An Alphabetical List of Masculine Pagan Names from Europe

Cameron, KAM run (6)

Cameron is a Scottish name from the Gaelic cam sron meaning "crooked nose". Someone who has a crooked nose might be a fighter.

It has long been a popular boys name and has recently begun enjoying popularity as a girl's name as well.

Carlyn, KAR lin (1)

The name Carlyn is a name that may derive for the Gaelic Carlin, "little champion" or from the Germanic name Carl, "freeman", or perhaps a variant of Caroline. It is a girl's name, generally, but could work for a boy.

Carol, KARE oll (4)

Carol is a variant of the Latin Carolus, which is a variant in the family of names that derived from the Anglo-Saxon Ċearl "Freeman".

In modern English, a Carol is a joyful folksong or popular hymn, especially sung at Yuletide.

Clair, klayr (7)

The name Clair is a variant of the Latin name Clarus. It means "clear, bright". The name was originally a man's name, but today is most often a woman's name, though the female variant is technically Claire or Clara.

There is a Catholic Saint Clair, and also a Lake Saint Clair named for him.

Coney, KOH nee (8)

Coney is a surname derived from a Middle English word for rabbit. It also refers to Coney Island, an amusement park in New York and a location famous for its fortune tellers and its hot dogs.

Cory, KOR ee (7)

The name Cory is a Celtic name that can be used for either a boy or a girl. It may come from the from the Irish word for "Hollow", the Scottish word for "seething pool" (or perhaps a bubbling cauldron) or the Latin word for "horn".

Cymbaline, CIM be leen (3)

Cymbaline is a man's name associated with with the Briton King Cunobelinus the Hound of Belenos whose story was retold in the Shakespearean play Cymbeline. The name may also be related to the Greek kyme/ meaning "hollow vessel"

This name also has much to offer musically as it brings to mind the percussion instrument the cymbals and is the name of a song on Pink Floyd's More and Loreena Mckenneit's The Visit.

The name Cymbaline is also suitable for a woman.

Daire, die reh (1)

Daire is an Irish name that can be used for a boy or a girl though it was a man's name in the Ulster Cycle legends. The name means "fertile, fruitful".

Dove, duv (1)

A dove is a bird that is a symbol of peace and is sacred to the Goddess Aphrodite.

Dylan, DIL in (2)

Dylan is a Welsh name from dy "great" and llanw "tide" or "flow".
Dylan was a Welsh sea spirit, son of Arianrhod and Gwydion

Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas are notable bards who carry this name.

Although Dylan is traditionally a boys name, some girls are wearing it these days.

Earley, UR lee (3)

Earley is a surname of Anglo-Saxon origin meaning "Eagle meadow" or perhaps "the Earl's meadow". It can also be used as a first name for a girl or a boy. It is also a place name, the name of a town in England.

Eldhrimnir, (2)

Eldhrimnir is the name of the great cauldron in which the Aesir's feast is cooked each night. The name means "sooty from the fire".

Endewyn, en DEH win (9)

The name Endewyn is ostensibly of Welsh origin. The most popular meaning given is "pleasant".

The Welsh suffix gwyn, or gwen means "white" or "fair". The first half of the word is a mystery to me. It could be related to the Irish Énna, meaning "birdlike".

By the spelling, I'd say it's a boy's name, but people seem to think it's girl's name. I'm gonna say gender neutral.

Esprit, es SPREE (6)

Esprit is the French word for "spirit".

Evelyn, EH veh lin, EE veh lin or EV lin (2)

Evelyn is a name of Germanic origin that is used for both boys and girls but most often for girls in the US. It means "little bird" or perhaps "desired".

Fannar, fuh nar (9)

Fannar is an Icelandic name that may mean "snow drift", from the Old Norse fönn

Greer, greer (8)

Greer is a Scottish variant of Gregory or Gregor, meaning "watchful, vigilant".

It is often seen as a surname and is seen as a name for boys and occasionally for girls.

Gwyneira, gwin AYE rah or gwin EE ra (3)

This Welsh name contains the masculine "gwyn", meaning "fair" or "white". The feminine is "gwen". The name Gwyneira means "white snow".

Harden, har den (5)

Harden is a boy's name of Old English origin that may sound nice for a girl as well. It may derive from the word hara, meaning "hare" or from hær, meaning "rock" and the word denu "valley". Thus the meaning of Harden is either "hare valley" or "rocky valley".

Harley, HAR lee (6)

Harley is a boy's name of Old English origin that is also often used as a girl's name. The name Harley may mean "hare meadow/clearing" or "rocky meadow/clearing".