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An Alphabetical List of Masculine Pagan Names from Europe

Hayden, HAY dn (3)

Hayden is an English name derived from the German heiden meaning "Heathen"

Heidrun, HEY dthroon (7)

Heidrun is a she-goat who, according to the Prose and Poetic Eddas gives mead instead of milk in quantities so great that the Gods thirst are always satiated. From the old Norse heiðr meaning "heath" and rún which means something like "secret wisdom"

Ivo, EE voh (1)

Ivo is a Germanic name meaning "yew". The yew tree is known for its longevity and the strength and flexibility of its wood which was a highly prized material for making bows.

A variant of Yvonne

Kai, KY (3)

Kai is a boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "fire". It also means "ocean" in Hawaiian and and "seashell" in Japanese and can be used for a girl as well.

Kieran, KEER an (4)

Kieran is name of Irish/Gaelic origin meaning "black" or "dark". Though traditionally, Kieran is a boy's name, it can also be used for a girl.

Korrigan, KOR ih gan (3)

The word Korrigan has been used to describe various spirits including dwarf-like creatures of Breton tradition (korr = dwarf, + an diminutive for "small dwarf"), trickster fairy like creatures. Alternatively, they are described as lovely siren-like beings that seduce men to their death. As a variant for the Irish name Corrigan, this name means "little spear" or "spearman".

Lumi, loo mee (1)

Lumi is the Finnish word for "snow", the Romanian word for "world" and the Spanish word for "whore'.

Murtagh, mur tah (7)

Murtagh is a boy's name of Irish origin. It was the name of a High King and military commander who was famous for battling the Vikings in the 900s CE. The name means "Skilled in the ways of the sea".

From muir "sea" and ceardach "skilled"

Neave, NEEV (2)

Neave is an Irish or Scottish surname that can be used for a boy or a girl. It means "bright".

Nevada, neh VAH dah (2)

Nevada is a state in America. The name comes from Spanish for "snow-capped" (adj) or "snow fall" (noun)

Orla, OR lah (1)

Orla is an Irish name most often used for a girl but it may be used for a boy as well. It means "golden sovereign (ruler)".

Osier, oh zyer (3)

The name Osier is English. It means "near the willow tree". It can refer to any willow tree with flexible boughs that can be used for baskets, or the boughs themselves. The word Osier also refers to some species of dogwood, like the red osier dogwood. The name implies flexibility and alludes to the craft of basket weaving.

Paris, PAIR iss (9)

Paris is the name of the hero who, according to Greek lore, kidnapped Helen and caused the Trojan war. It is also the name of a character in Shakespear's Romeo and Juliet and the capital of France. The meaning of the name is unclear.

Quince, kwins (6)

A quince is a pome fruit, similar to a pear, yellow in color. It is also the name of a comic character in Shakespear's A Midsummer Night's Dream

Raleigh, RAH lee (6)

Raleigh is a name of Old English origin meaning "roe deer meadow" or perhaps "red meadow".

Rana, RAH nah (7)

Rana is the Italian and Spanish word for "frog". It is also a genus of frogs according to modern Linnaean classification known as the pond frogs.

Robin, RAH bin (4)

A Robin is a thrush, a small, friendly songbird. It is also considered a form of the name Robert, which is a Germanic name meaning "shining with fame". The name Robin is suitable for a boy or a girl.

Also, Robin Hood. Robin Goodfellow.

Rowan, ROE in (8)

The name Rowan is derived from the Irish name Ruadháin and it means "little red one". In English, it is the name of a tree.

Ruari, Ro ree (4)

Ruari is a name of Irish origin that can be used for a boy or a girl. The name means "red-headed King".

Rue, roo (8)

There are several meanings for the word rue from which this name is taken. It is a a small shrubby plant, it is an English verb meaning "to be remorseful of" and as a German name Rue means "notorious".