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An Alphabetical List of Masculine Pagan Names from Europe

Ryan, RYE an (4)

Ryan is a Gaelic name meaning "little king"

Savin, SA vin (2)

Savin is a common name of a shrubby species of Juniper Juniperus sabina, also called Tam Juniper found in Europe and Asia. It is used in the landscape industry for difficult areas, dry, sandy, rocky, etc. and to mark borders. All parts of the plant are poisonous though it has a history of medicinal use. The essential oil may be used for insect repellant, traditionally used for lice. This plant's energy corresponds to the planet Mars or Saturn

Varieties of savin juniper are listed as threatened in the wild.

Savin is also the name given to the extract of this plant used as an abortifacient.

Savine, SA vin or sah VEEN or SAY vine (7)

An alternative form of Savin or Sabine

Seanan, SHAN-awn or SHAY nahn (9)

Seanan is an Irish name meaning "little old wise one". It is usually a boy's name but may be used for a girl as well.

Seren, SEH ren (7)

Seren is a Welsh name meaning "star".

Shannon, SHAN nun (4)

Shannon is an Anglicized Irish name meaning "wise river". It is the name of the longest river in the British Isles, named for the Goddess Sionna.

Solana, so LAH nah (8)

Solana is a girl's name of Spanish and Latin origin. It means "Sunlight" and "Eastern wind", or something like the wind that blows from the East at dawn.

Starling, STAR ling (1)

Starlings are sturdy small to medium sized birds that travel in noisy flocks. They are native to Europe and Asia but are hardy and adaptable and have invaded many areas outside their natural habitat, often displacing the native species in their tenacity.

Suvi, soo vee (8)

Suvi is a Finnish name meaning "summer". It is a poetic word for the season. Suvi can be used for a boy or a girl.

Teagan, TEE gan (3)

Teagan is an Irish name, diminutive of Tadhg, meaning "poet", so it means something like "little poet".

Thorley, THAWR-lee (4)

Thorley is a boy's name of Anglo-Saxon origin meaning "Thor's meadow" or "thorn meadow" or clearing.

Note the element leigh, "meadow"

Tyler, TYE lur (8)

Tyler is an old English name referring to either a doorkeeper at an Inn or one who makes tiles. It's usually a boy's name, but girls wear it too.

Vail, VAYL (8)

Vail is an English name meaning "valley"

Vale, vayl (4)

Vale is an English name meaning valley and implying the presence of a spring.

Vernal, VER nal (9)

Vernal is a word that is defined in the English dictionary as follows: - Of, relating to, or occurring in the springtime, Characteristic of or resembling spring. Fresh and young; youthful. The word vern is Gaulish form alder tree.

Vyri, (2)

Vyri is the Otherworld in Slavic lore.

This needs more research.

Wynnfrith, WIN frith (2)

Wynnfrith is a boy's name of Anglo Saxon or Old English origin meaning "friend of peace".

Yvonne, ee VAWN (5)

Yvonne is a French name, a feminization of Yves which came from Ivo a Germanic name meaning "yew".

Zenon, ZEE nawn (2)

Zenon is a name of Greek origin that combines the name Zenas with the name Zeno. The name means "gift from Zeus" or "hospitable". It relates to the Greek word for stranger and the code of hospitality, of which Zeus is guardian.

Zenon is also a gaseous element that glows blue when hit by an electrical charge.

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