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An Alphabetical List of Gender Neutral Names from Mythology and Folklore

Ala, , 5

Alala, ah LAL ah, 9

Alcippe, AL ki pee, 8

Alcyon, al see on, 7

Alecto, ah LEK toe, 2

Alethea, ah LEE thee ah OR al uh THEE uh, 7

Alfdis, AHLF dis, 6

Alfhild, ALF hild, 7

Althea, al THEE uh, 2

Althea, al THEE uh, 2

Amalthea, ah mal THEE uh, 7

Anemone, uh nem oh nee, 4

Anippe, ah NIHP peh, 7

Anthea, an thee uh, 4

Aphrodite, af ro DYE tee, 6

Arachne, a RAK nee, 5

Ariana, ar ee AHN ah, 8

Artemis, AR tem iss, 4

Astraea, ass TRAY uh, 2

Aura, or uh, 5