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Alphabetical Listing of All Germanic Names

Ada, AY duh, Female, 6

Adaire, ah DAYR, Female, 2

Adda, ad-da, Female, 3

Adlar, AD ler, Male, 9

Aeschere, ash hair uh, Neutral, 1

Aiko, EYE koe, Neutral, 9

Alberic, AL beh rik, Male, 5

Alda, ALL duh, Female, 9

Aldo, ALL doe, Male, 5

Alf, alf, Male, 1

Alfdis, AHLF dis, Female, 6

Alfhild, ALF hild, Female, 7

Alfred, AL fred, Male, 1

Alice, al iss, Female, 3

Alison, AL ih son, Female, 7

Almut, AHL muuht, Female, 4

Alvilda, al VIL dah, Female, 7

Alvis, AL viss, Male, 9

Amalia, ah MAHL yah, Female, 1

Ashley, ASH lee, Neutral, 7

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