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Alphabetical Listing of All Germanic Names

Hedvig, HED vig, Male, 1

Heidrun, HEY dthroon, Neutral, 7

Herman, HUR min, Male, 5

Hermine, her MEEN, Female, 9

Hilda, HIL dah, Female, 7

Hugh, HYOO, Male, 8

Hugo, HYOO go, Male, 6

Ingrid, ING rid, Female, 7

Ivo, EE voh, Neutral, 1

Karl, karl, Male, 6

Leonard, LEN-ard, Male, 6

Loki, low key, Male, 2

Lyall, LYE ull, Male, 8

Odin, OH din, Male, 6

Oliver, AHL uh vur, Male, 9

Ormond, OR mond, Male, 7

Raleigh, RAH lee, Neutral, 6

Ralph, ralf, Male, 1

Rand, rand, Male, 1

Randall, RAN dl, Male, 8