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An Alphabetical List of Girls from Mythology and Folklore

Narcissa, nar SIS uh, 3

Parthenos, , 8

Melinoe, MEL ee NO weh, 9

Anthea, an thee uh, 4

Anemone, uh nem oh nee, 4

Eira, AYE rah or EYE rah, 6

Sabina, suh BEE nuh, 1

Živa, zhjee VA, 4

Eos, EE os, 3

Euphrosyne, yoo FRO see nee, 2

Euphenia, yoo FEE nee ah, 7

Euphemia, YOO fee me uh, 6

Etaine, EH tane, 9

Estrild, esst RILLD, 6

Ersa, AIR seh, 7

Epona, eh PO nah, 6

Rhiannon, ree AN un, 3

Circe, SEER see or SUR see, though more properly KIR kee, 2

Aphrodite, af ro DYE tee, 6

Mokosh, MOH kosh, 9

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