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Alphabetical Listing of All Male Greek Names

Narcissus, nar SIS us, Male, 6

Persephone, per SEH fuh nee, Male, 4

Aeolous, ee O lus, Male, 7

Abaris, ah BAR is, Male, 5

Andrew, AN droo, Male, 2

Draco, DRAY koe, Male, 5

Dionysus, die oh NY sus, Male, 9

Dennis, den niss, Male, 2

Chronos, KRON oss, Male, 2

Charon, KARE on, Male, 5

Argos, AHR goes, Male, 6

Ares, AIR eez or AH rees, Male, 7

Andreas, ahn DRE ahs, Male, 2

Anatol, an uh TOL, Male, 9

Gregory, GREG or ee, Male, 5

Heracles, HERA kleez, Male, 8

Alexander, al eks AN der, Male, 3

Alcmene, alk MEE nee, Male, 8

Aristoteles, ah ris toh TEL ees, Male, 7

Theodore, THEE ah door, Male, 9

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