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Alphabetical Listing of All Greek Girls Names

Alethea, ah LEE thee ah OR al uh THEE uh, 7

Alecto, ah LEK toe, 2

Alcyon, al see on, 7

Alcippe, AL ki pee, 8

Alala, ah LAL ah, 9

Titania, tie TAN ya or tie TAIN ee yuh, 2

Astraea, ass TRAY uh, 2

Astria, ASS tree uh, 5

Ella, EL uh, 3

Euterpe, you TER pee, 9

Erato, AIR eh toh, 3

Althea, al THEE uh, 2

Tansy, TAN zee, 7

Sophia, sow FEE uh, 5

Xantha, XAN thah, 5

Xena, ZEE nah, 8

Zelenia, zeh LEE nee ah, 9

Zena, ZEE nah, 1

Zenovia, zeh NO vee ah, 2

Zephira, zeh FIR uh, 2