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Alphabetical Listing of Greek Names from Nature

Narcissa, nar SIS uh, Female, 3

Anthea, an thee uh, Female, 4

Anemone, uh nem oh nee, Female, 4

Amethyst, am ah THIST, Female, 3

Ersa, AIR seh, Female, 7

Aura, or uh, Female, 5

Anura, ah NYUR ah, Neutral, 1

Topaz, TOE paz, Neutral, 6

Draco, DRAY koe, Male, 5

Anippe, ah NIHP peh, Female, 7

Clytie, kly TEE uh or kly TEE, Female, 2

Arachne, a RAK nee, Female, 5

Anatol, an uh TOL, Male, 9

Alcyon, al see on, Female, 7

Alcippe, AL ki pee, Female, 8

Astria, ASS tree uh, Female, 5

Vasilis, vah SEE lee, Male, 1

Tansy, TAN zee, Female, 7

Tansy, TAN zee, Female, 7

Zale, ZAYL, Male, 8

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