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Alphabetical Listing of Greek Names from Nature

Aster, , Female, 9

Zephyr, ZEF er, Male, 8

Sapphire, SAFF-ire, Female, 2

Penelope, pen-NELL-a-pee, Female, 7

Palaemon, puh LEE mun, Male, 5

Onyx, AHN iks, Neutral, 6

Nerio, NEER ee oh, Male, 7

Nerina, neh REE nah, Female, 7

Nerea, NEER ee uh, Female, 7

Neoma, NEH o mah, Female, 3

Neoma, NEH o mah, Female, 3

Myron, MY run, Male, 4

Myra, MIE rah, Female, 3

Margarite, MAR-gret, Female, 2

Maera, MEER uh, Female, 2

Leucanthe, loo CANTH uh, Female, 8

Leonidas, lee oh NY das OR lee oh NEE das, Male, 7

Leon, LEE-ahn, Male, 1

Leon, LEE-ahn, Male, 1

Leandra, lee AN dra, Female, 1