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Alphabetical Listing of All Greek Names

Palaemon, puh LEE mun, Male, 5

Parthenos, , Female, 8

Penelope, pen-NELL-a-pee, Female, 7

Pentheus, PEN thee us, Male, 9

Persephone, per SEH fuh nee, Male, 4

Perseus, PUR see uhs, Male, 4

Phillip, FIL ip, Male, 1

Phoebe, FEE bee, Female, 6

Phoebus, FEE bus, Male, 5

Phoenix, FEE nix, Neutral, 1

Rosana, roz AN ah, Female, 5

Sapphire, SAFF-ire, Female, 2

Selena, se LEEN ah, Female, 2

Selene, se LEE nee or se LEEN, Female, 6

Sirius, SEER-ee-…ôs, Male, 5

Sophia, sow FEE uh, Female, 5

Sparta, SPAR tuh, Male, 3

Tansy, TAN zee, Female, 7

Theodore, THEE ah door, Male, 9

Theron, THER-on, Neutral, 8

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