An Alphabetical List of Names from History

Aed, AYD, Male, 1

Aeslin, ASH lin, Neutral, 6

Ailill, AY lil or all yill, Male, 1

Alberic, AL beh rik, Male, 5

Alexander, al eks AN der, Male, 3

Alf, alf, Male, 1

Alfred, AL fred, Male, 1

Anthony, AN thu NEE, Male, 7

Aoife, ee FEH, Female, 9

Aristoteles, ah ris toh TEL ees, Male, 7

Artemisia, ahr teh MEE see ah or ahr teh MEE zhya, Female, 5

Arthur, AHR thur, Male, 5

Aurelia, Or EE lee uh or or EE lya, Female, 1

Aurelias, aw REEL ee uss, Male, 5

Brian, BRY un, Male, 8

Bridget, BRIH-jet, Female, 2

Caireann, CARE en, Female, 2

Camilla, kah MIL ah, Female, 6

Camillus, kah MIL uss, Male, 9

Cian, key in, Male, 9

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