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Alphabetical Listing of Latin/Roman Male Names

Sylvester, sill VEST ur, Male, 1

Aurelias, aw REEL ee uss, Male, 5

Troy, troi, Male, 6

Evander, ee VAN der, Male, 6

Justin, JUSS tin, Male, 3

Anthony, AN thu NEE, Male, 7

Cornelius, kor NEEL yus, Male, 8

Colm, KOLM, Male, 7

Camillus, kah MIL uss, Male, 9

Ulysses, you-LISS-ees, Male, 3

Aleron, al ER on, Male, 7

Talis, TA lis, Male, 7

Silvanus, sil VAH nus or sil VAY nus, Male, 9

Romulus, ROM yoo lus, Male, 2

Remus, REE mus, Male, 4

Quenton, KWEN-tin, Male, 7

Peregrine, PER uh grin, Male, 7

Ovid, OH vid, Male, 5

Marcus, MAR-kus, Male, 3

Marcel, mar SELL, Male, 7

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