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Alphabetical Listing of All Latin/Roman Names

Acca, AH kah, Female, 8

Acca, AH kah, Female, 8

Accalia, ah-KALL-yah, Female, 3

Aemilia, ay MILL ee ah, Neutral, 5

Aerica, AIR ee kah, Female, 1

Aleron, al ER on, Male, 7

Alessia, ah LESS ee uh or ah LESS shuh, Female, 3

Amanda, uh MAN duh, Female, 7

Amata, ah MAH tah, Female, 9

Amy, ai mee, Female, 3

Anthony, AN thu NEE, Male, 7

April, AY pril, Female, 2

Aqua, AH qwah, Female, 4

Argent, are jent, Neutral, 2

Aurea, or EE ya or oar AY uh, Female, 1

Aurelia, Or EE lee uh or or EE lya, Female, 1

Aurelias, aw REEL ee uss, Male, 5

Aurion, aw REE on, Neutral, 6

Aurora, o ROR a or aw ROR uh, Female, 2

Ava, AYV ah, Female, 6

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