An Alphabetical List of Names from Literature of note to Pagans

Adaon, , Male, 8

Aemilia, ay MILL ee ah, Neutral, 5

Aeneas, i-NAY-əs, Male, 9

Aeslin, ASH lin, Neutral, 6

Aife, EE feh, Female, 3

Aislin, ASH lin, Neutral, 1

Alcaeus, al see us, Male, 8

Amalthea, ah mal THEE uh, Female, 7

Anthony, AN thu NEE, Male, 7

Arthur, AHR thur, Male, 5

Arwen, are when, Female, 7

Awen, ah wen, Neutral, 7

Baird, BAYRD, Male, 7

Bran, bran, Male, 8

Branwen, BRON wen, Female, 5

Calamus, KAL uh muhs, Male, 7

Calliope, kə-LY-ə-pee, Female, 1

Calliope, kə-LY-ə-pee, Female, 1

Castalia, KASS tal ya, Female, 3

Celeborn, kel eh born, Male, 2

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