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An Alphabetical List of Names from Myth

Selene, se LEE nee or se LEEN, Female, 6

Seth, set or seth, Male, 7

Shiva, SHEE vah, Male, 5

Silvanus, sil VAH nus or sil VAY nus, Male, 9

Silvia, SIL-vyah or SEEL vyah, Female, 9

Sirius, SEER-ee-əs, Male, 5

Srecha, srech ah, Female, 9

Taliesin, tal-ee-ES-in (<- most correct) or tahl ye sin or tal EYE ih sin, Male, 8

Tanis, TAN is, Neutral, 9

Tara, TAR ah, Female, 4

Thora, THOR uh or TOR uh, Female, 8

Thorley, THAWR-lee, Neutral, 4

Titania, tie TAN ya or tie TAIN ee yuh, Female, 2

Torolf, TAOR-olf, Male, 5

Troy, troi, Male, 6

Tyr, teer, Male, 9

Tyra, TEER ah, Female, 1

Tyrell, TUR ell or TYE rell, Male, 2

Tyrô, TAY row, TIE row, Neutral, 6

Ulysses, you-LISS-ees, Male, 3