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An Alphabetical List of Names from Myth

Undine, UN deen, Female, 4

Urania, yoo RAY nee uh or yoo RAH nya, Female, 1

Ursa, UR sah or OOR sah, Female, 5

Venus, VEE nus, Female, 9

Vesna, ves NAH, Female, 7

Vesna, ves NAH, Female, 7

Victoria, vic-TOR-ee-ah, Female, 4

Vigdis, VEE dis, Female, 7

Vyri, , Neutral, 2

Xanthus, ZAN thus, Male, 7

Yemay√°, yeh mi YAH, Female, 7

Ymir, EE meer, Male, 2

Zarya, ZAHR yah, Female, 8

Zelenia, zeh LEE nee ah, Female, 9

Zena, ZEE nah, Female, 1

Zeno, ZEE noe, Neutral, 6

Zenon, ZEE nawn, Neutral, 2

Zenovi, zeh NO vee, Neutral, 1

Zenovia, zeh NO vee ah, Female, 2

Zephira, zeh FIR uh, Female, 2

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