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An Alphabetical List of Names from Myth

Aella, AY lah or EH lah, Female, 4

Aeneas, i-NAY-…ôs, Male, 9

Aeolous, ee O lus, Male, 7

Aeolus, ee O lus, Male, 1

Aerica, AIR ee kah, Female, 1

Aeron, AYR on, Neutral, 8

Aerona, AYR on uh, Female, 9

Aeronwen, eye RON win or AYE ron win, Female, 5

Aeronwen, eye RON win or AYE ron win, Female, 5

Aesir, AY zir, Male, 7

Aeson, EYE sun, Male, 9

Aether, EE ther, Neutral, 3

Afallon, ah VAH hlon, Neutral, 7

Agammemnon, ag uh MEM non, Male, 2

Agaue, a-GA-way, Female, 8

Aglea, a GLAY uh, Female, 8

Agrona, ah GROWN uh, Female, 2

Aife, EE feh, Female, 3

Ailill, AY lil or all yill, Male, 1

Aino, EYE no, Female, 3