Many people prefer to choose a name based on the corresponding number associated with that name. For your convenience we have calculated the Destiny Number for each name in our database.

If you find that we have made mistakes in our calculations for any name, please contact moc.oohay|aidepihctiw#moc.oohay|aidepihctiw.

Please see Using Numerology to Choose a Name.

Pagan Names Listed by Number

Cypris, SIP riss, Female, 9

Dionysus, die oh NY sus, Male, 9

Amata, ah MAH tah, Female, 9

Tyr, teer, Male, 9

Vance, vants, Male, 9

Mokosh, MOH kosh, Female, 9

Ananse, ah nahn see, Male, 9

Endewyn, en DEH win, Neutral, 9

Enya, EN yeh, Female, 9

Etaine, EH tane, Female, 9

Gustav, GOO stahf, Male, 9

Naledi, nah LEH dee, Neutral, 9

Geneva, jen EE vah, Female, 9

Genevra, jen EEV ra, Female, 9

Fannar, fuh nar, Neutral, 9

Melinoe, MEL ee NO weh, Female, 9

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