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Alphabetical Listing of Names from Celtic Mythology

Eira, AYE rah or EYE rah, Female, 6

Etaine, EH tane, Female, 9

Epona, eh PO nah, Female, 6

Rhiannon, ree AN un, Female, 3

Emer, EE mer, Female, 5

Braden, bray din, Male, 8

Dylan, DIL in, Neutral, 2

Daire, die reh, Neutral, 1

Cymbaline, CIM be leen, Neutral, 3

Cliona, KLEE own-ah (<best) or KLEE nah, Female, 9

Cian, key in, Male, 9

Ceridwen, keh RID wen, Female, 9

Bronwyn, BROHN wen, Female, 8

Brian, BRY un, Male, 8

Ardan, are dawn, Neutral, 2

Angus, ANG guss, Neutral, 8

Gwydion, GWID ee ohn or GWID yun, Male, 7

Gwenhwyfar, GWEN wa var, Female, 4

Guinevere, GWEN eh veer, Female, 7

Grania, , Female, 5

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