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Alphabetical Listing of Names from Greek Mythology

Astraea, ass TRAY uh, Female, 2

Aura, or uh, Female, 5

Calliope, kə-LY-ə-pee, Female, 1

Calliope, kə-LY-ə-pee, Female, 1

Calypso, kal IP so, Female, 1

Cassandra, kas AHN dra, Female, 8

Castalia, KASS tal ya, Female, 3

Celena, suh LEEN nuh, Female, 4

Charon, KARE on, Male, 5

Chronos, KRON oss, Male, 2

Chrysothemis, kris o THEEM is, Female, 9

Circe, SEER see or SUR see, though more properly KIR kee, Female, 2

Clio, kly o, Female, 3

Clytemnestra, klye tem NESS tra, Female, 2

Clytie, kly TEE uh or kly TEE, Female, 2

Corinne, kor INN, Female, 6

Cynthia, SIN-thee-ah, Female, 8

Cypris, SIP riss, Female, 9

Cyrene, kai REE nee, Female, 7

Cytherea, KYEH theh reh ah, Female, 4