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Alphabetical Listing of Names from Greek Mythology

Iris, EY ris, Female, 1

Isa, EE sah, Neutral, 2

Isidora, ee see DOR ah or iz ih DOR ah, Female, 3

Isidoros, ee see DOR os, Male, 9

Isis, EYE sis, Female, 2

Jason, JAY sun, Male, 5

Jason, JAY sun, Male, 5

Jocasta, jo KAS tuh OR yo KAS tuh, Female, 6

Kore, KOR ay, Female, 4

Leander, lee AN der, Male, 5

Leda, LEE dah, Female, 4

Letha, LEE thah, Female, 1

Lethe, LEE thee, Female, 5

Leto, LEE toe, Female, 7

Maera, MEER uh, Female, 2

Maia, MAY ah OR MIE uh, Female, 6

Maia, MAY ah OR MIE uh, Female, 6

Maya, MAY ah OR MY ah OR MAH yah, Female, 4

Melinoe, MEL ee NO weh, Female, 9

Mentor, MEN tore, Male, 4