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Alphabetical Listing of Names from Greek Mythology

Selena, se LEEN ah, Female, 2

Selene, se LEE nee or se LEEN, Female, 6

Sirius, SEER-ee-əs, Male, 5

Titania, tie TAN ya or tie TAIN ee yuh, Female, 2

Tyrô, TAY row, TIE row, Neutral, 6

Urania, yoo RAY nee uh or yoo RAH nya, Female, 1

Xanthus, ZAN thus, Male, 7

Zelenia, zeh LEE nee ah, Female, 9

Zena, ZEE nah, Female, 1

Zeno, ZEE noe, Neutral, 6

Zenovi, zeh NO vee, Neutral, 1

Zenovia, zeh NO vee ah, Female, 2

Zephira, zeh FIR uh, Female, 2

Zephira, zeh FIR uh, Female, 2

Zeus, ZOOS, Male, 8

Zeus, ZOOS, Male, 8

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