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Alphabetical Listing of Names from Roman Mythology

Acca, AH kah, Female, 8

Accalia, ah-KALL-yah, Female, 3

Aerica, AIR ee kah, Female, 1

Aurea, or EE ya or oar AY uh, Female, 1

Aurora, o ROR a or aw ROR uh, Female, 2

Bellona, behl LOH nah, Female, 7

Camilla, kah MIL ah, Female, 6

Corina, kor REE nah, Female, 6

Cornelius, kor NEEL yus, Male, 8

Corvus, KOR vus, Neutral, 8

Diana, dy AN ah, Female, 2

Duellona, , Female, 3

Evander, ee VAN der, Male, 6

Fauna, FAWN uh, Female, 7

Grace, grays, Female, 7

Invidia, in VID dee yuh, Female, 5

Invidia, in VID dee yuh, Female, 5

Justin, JUSS tin, Male, 3

Larentia, , Female, 8

Latona, luh toh nuh, Female, 9

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