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An Alphabetical List of Names that Honor Nature

Torolf, TAOR-olf, Male, 5

Trystine, tris TEEN, Neutral, 4

Ulva, UHL veh, Female, 2

Ursa, UR sah or OOR sah, Female, 5

Ursula, UR soo la, Female, 2

Vale, vayl, Neutral, 4

Vance, vants, Male, 9

Vasilis, vah SEE lee, Male, 1

Vernal, VER nal, Neutral, 9

Vernon, VER non, Male, 7

Violet, VYE let or VYE uh let, Female, 2

Violet, VYE let or VYE uh let, Female, 2

Wade, wayd, Male, 6

Wainani, way NA nee, Neutral, 8

Walden, WAL den, Male, 5

Waldron, WAL dron, Male, 6

Warren, WAR en, Male, 4

Willow, WILL oh, Neutral, 4

Wolf, wolf, Male, 2

Wolfrik, WOLF rik, Male, 4

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