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An Alphabetical List of Names that Honor the Plant Kingdom

Abey, ah BEY, Neutral, 6

Abeytu, ah BEY too, Neutral, 2

Abeytzi, ah bayt zee, Neutral, 7

Acantha, ə-KAN-thə, Female, 3

Achillea, uh KILL ee uh, Neutral, 6

Achilles, ah KILL eez, Male, 6

Afallon, ah VAH hlon, Neutral, 7

Aina, ah EE nah or AI nah, Female, 7

Akahana, ah kah HAH nah, Female, 1

Akiho, AH ki hoh, Neutral, 8

Akina, AH kee nah, Female, 9

Alani, a LA nee, Female, 1

Alyssa, uh LISS uh, Female, 5

Anemone, uh nem oh nee, Female, 4

Anthea, an thee uh, Female, 4

Artemisia, ahr teh MEE see ah or ahr teh MEE zhya, Female, 5

Blossom, BLOSS um, Female, 5

Briar, BRY ur, Neutral, 3

Calamus, KAL uh muhs, Male, 7

Cassia, KASS ya or KASH a, Female, 7

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