You may also be interested in names that reference flowers, trees and useful herbs specifically.

An Alphabetical List of Names that Honor the Plant Kingdom

Celeborn, kel eh born, Male, 2

Chloe, KLO-ee, Female, 7

Dahlia, DAHL ya, Female, 8

Daisy, DAY zee, Female, 4

Damiana, day mee AHN ah, Female, 7

Daphne, DAFF nee, Female, 3

Erantha, eer AN thuh, Female, 8

Eranthis, air AN this, Neutral, 4

Ewan, YOO an, Male, 7

Galanthus, ga LAN thus, Male, 4

Galinthias, gah LIN thee us, Neutral, 1

Ginger, JIN jer, Female, 6

Gwydion, GWID ee ohn or GWID yun, Male, 7

Hana, hah nah, Female, 6

Hazel, HAY zel, Female, 7

Holly, HAHL ee, Female, 9

Huapala, HOO ah PAH lah, Neutral, 4

Iris, EY ris, Female, 1

Ivo, EE voh, Neutral, 1

Ivy, EYE vee, Female, 2