You may also be interested in names that reference flowers, trees and useful herbs specifically.

An Alphabetical List of Names that Honor the Plant Kingdom

Jasmine, JAZ min, Female, 3

Laura, LOR ah, Female, 8

Laurel, LAWR el, Neutral, 6

Leucanthe, loo CANTH uh, Female, 8

Myra, MIE rah, Female, 3

Oran, OR en, Male, 3

Orin, OR in, Male, 2

Osier, oh zyer, Neutral, 3

Petal, PET l, Female, 9

Petunia, peh TOON yuh, Female, 5

Rowan, ROE in, Neutral, 8

Rue, roo, Neutral, 8

Sakura, SAH koo rah, Female, 8

Thorley, THAWR-lee, Neutral, 4

Thorn, thorn, Neutral, 3

Thornton, THORN ten, Male, 7

Thorold, THOR old, Male, 2

Xochitl, ZOH cheel, Neutral, 1

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