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Names for Seasons

An Alphabetical List of Names that Reflect the Weather

Aella, AY lah or EH lah, Female, 4

Aeolus, ee O lus, Male, 1

Anemone, uh nem oh nee, Female, 4

Aten, AI tun, Male, 4

Aura, or uh, Female, 5

Aurea, or EE ya or oar AY uh, Female, 1

Daisy, DAY zee, Female, 4

√Čadaoin, AY deen, Female, 4

Eira, AYE rah or EYE rah, Female, 6

Eirwen, AYR wen, Female, 1

Fannar, fuh nar, Neutral, 9

Galanthus, ga LAN thus, Male, 4

Gale, GAYL, Neutral, 7

Gweneira, gwen AYE rah or gwen EE rah, Female, 1

Gwyneira, gwin AYE rah or gwin EE ra, Neutral, 3

Haunani, how NA nee, Neutral, 5

Helen, HEL in, Female, 8

Heloise, HEL o weez, Female, 1

Levina, le VEEN ah, Female, 9

Lumi, loo mee, Neutral, 1

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