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Names for Seasons

An Alphabetical List of Names that Reflect the Weather

Neil, neel, Male, 4

Nevada, neh VAH dah, Neutral, 2

Rain, rayn, Female, 6

Raina, , Female, 7

Sefarina, sef a REEN uh, Female, 1

Solana, so LAH nah, Neutral, 8

Soleil, so LAY, Female, 8

Storm, storm, Neutral, 4

Stormy, STORM ee, Neutral, 2

Stratus, STRA tuhs, Neutral, 1

Sunny, SUN ee, Neutral, 3

Sunshine, SUN shine, Neutral, 1

Tempest, TEM pest, Female, 8

Thora, THOR uh or TOR uh, Female, 8

Zephira, zeh FIR uh, Female, 2

Zephyr, ZEF er, Male, 8

Zeus, ZOOS, Male, 8

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