Pagan Names for Boys and Men

This list contains 475 male Pagan names and their meanings.

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A'ala -A'ala is a Hawaiian name meaning "fragrant" or "royal". This name can be used for a boy or a girl.

Aandaleeb -Aandaleeb is a Sanskrit boy's name that can also be used for a girl. The name refers to bulbul birds, a family of songbirds native to Asia & Africa.

Aapep -Aapep is an Egyptian name meaning "moon snake". Aapep is a giant snake in Egyptian lore who is nothingness. If he catches your soul on its journey to the afterlife, you become nothing. He battles Ra each night and if he wins, the sun will not rise again.

Abalendu -Abalendu is a Hindi name meaning "full moon".

Abasi -Abasi is a Swahili name meaning "stern, stoic".

Abejide -Abejide is a West African (Yuroba) name meaning "born during winter".

Abhainn -The name Abhainn is Scottish in origin and means "river".
This is related to Avon.

Abidemi -Abidemi is a Yoruba name meaning "he was born during his father's absence".

Abiodun -Abiodun is a Yuroba (West African) name meaning "born during a festival".

Acai -The name Acai is from the Acai berry, a species of palm tree whose name comes from from the Tupain (Brazil) word ïwaca'i meaning "Fruit that weeps" or expels water. The berry. This name can be used for a boy or a girl.

Acca -Acca is a girl's name that occurs in more than one culture. In ancient Roman myth, Acca Larentia was the foster mother of Remus and Romulus and she is called the "Mother of Lares", household and place spirits honored by the ancient Romans. Acca may mean mother, but it is also similar to the word for "cow".

Achilles -Achilles was a hero of the Trojan war. He was killed by an arrow that pierced his heel, the only vulnerable part of his body. The name Achilles may have derived from the Greek "achos" meaning pain.

Adalwulf -Old German name meaning noble wolf

Adekagagwaa -Adekagagwaa is the Iroquois spirit of summer.

Adlar -Adlar is a Germanic name meaning eagle.

Adolph -Adolph is a name of Germanic origin meaning "noble wolf". It has acquired a rather unsavory reputation since World War II.

Adonis -Adonis is a male name of Greek origin. It is the name of a lover of Aphrodite and the most beautiful man in the world. Persephone also loved him and he spent part of the year with Her in the underworld and part of the year with Aphrodite. The name means "lord".

Aeneas -The name means "praise". It was the name of a son of Aphrodite and hero of the Trojan war. One of the few Trojan survivors, he traveled to Italy after the city was razed and settled in the area that would later become Rome.

Aeolous -Aeolus is the name of the Greek father of the winds. The name means "quick moving" or "nimble" or "ever changing"

Aeron -Aeron is a Welsh Goddess of War. Her name was derived from the British Goddess of Slaughter Agrona. The name Aeron means "battle ending" or "carnage". Alternative interpretations say the name may mean "berry". This name can be used for a boy or a girl.

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