Pronounced ar ee AHN ah
Number 8

About the name Ariana

The name Ariana is a variant on the name Ariadne, the clever daughter of Minos who helped Theseus escape the minotaur and later married Dionysus and became a Goddess. The name Ariadne (and by extension Ariana) "most holy" from ari "most, very, exceedingly" and adnos "holy, blessed, pure"

Alternatively, Ariana can relate to the following ideas:

The "arian" doctrine of Christianity which argues that Jesus Christ is the son of God and a separate person from God, that is, the opposite of the Trinitarian approach, brought forth by a guy named Arius.

The Aryan race, which originally referenced the Indo-European language group, including Persia and India, but now refers to people of white, Germanic heritage and too often serves as a rallying call for a racial hierarchy with them on top.

The word Aryan in Indian and Persian language groups and ethnic identity, related to the above meaning. The word originates with the Sanskrit ārya meaning "noble". The Indo-Iranian idea is cultural and religious, not racial.

Related Names

Arianna, Arianja, Arienne, Arijana, Ariyana, Ariane, Ariadne, Ariadna


myth, divine

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